Arcus and Nordic growth

The Arcus business strategy is based on a combination of both organic growth and acquisitions.  And, in recent years, the company has completed several transactions involving some of the leading brands and key players in the Nordic wine and spirits market.

Since 2005, a number of significant acquisitions have helped Arcus to grow from a Norwegian player, focused mainly on spirits, to a leading Nordic institution which spans both wine and spirits.

Below, we present some of the milestones of the Nordic growth-journey of Arcus:


  • Acquired the Swedish aquavit brand Snälleröds.
  • Acquired the Finish wine business Fondberg, and rebranded it Social Wines Oy.
  • Acquired 70% of shares in the newly established Norwegian wine merchant Heyday Wines AS.
  • Relocated the production and bottling of the Danish brands Aalborg, Malteserkreutz, and Gammel Dansk from Aalborg in Denmark to a dedicated facility within the plant on Gjelleråsen, just north of Oslo.


  • Established Vingruppen AS as a new holding company for the Arcus wine businesses in Norway.


  • Acquired Pernod Ricard’s shareholding in Arcus Denmark A/S, which included brands such as Aalborg Aquavit and Gammel Dansk, and all shares in Arcus Deutschland GmbH, which owns and manages the Maltesterkreutz brand.


  • Completed the new production and distribution plant and head office at Gjelleråsen, and relocated the business to the new site.


  • Acquired 28.2% of shares in the Sweden based wine business Vingruppen i Norden AB (increasing our holding from 62.5% to 90.7%) and signed option for remaining 9.3%.
  • Acquired 51% of shares in the Norwegian wine wholesalers Excellars AS, and singed an option for remaining 49%.
  • Exchanged 34% of shares in the French wine company SAS de l'ile Madame for 32.6% of shares in the French cognac producers Tiffon SA, and subsequently purchased a further 106 shares in the company to increase the Arcus to 34%.


  • Broke ground for a new production and distribution plant and head office at Gjelleråsen.


  • Acquired the Star Gin, Red Port and Dry Anis brands from Pernod Ricard.
  • Acquired 80% of shares in the Norwegian wine merchants Symposium Wines AS.


  • Acquired the Gjelleråsen Project 1 AS site, enabling expansion of Arcus’ Gjelleråsen facility.


  • Sold the four Norwegian property companies Arcus Eiendom AS, Arcus Eiendom Anders Winsvoldsvei AS, Hjemmel Haslevangen AS and Hjemmel Anders Winsvolds vei AS.
  • Sold the Finish company Tendex OY.
  • Wound-up the operations of Arcus Danmark A/S in Denmark.


  • Acquired 62.5% of the Sweden based wine business Vingruppen i Norden AB.
  • Sold the Arcus chemicals business.