About Arcus ASA

Arcus is a leading Nordic consumer goods company within wine and spirits. The company is the world's largest producer of aquavit, and holds strong positions within the wine and spirits markets across the Nordics. 

In essence, we send the best of Nordic spirits to the world, and bring the world’s best wines to the Nordics.

We regard Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland as our home markets, and also operate in Germany.

Arcus traces its roots back to the early 1800s.  Back then, aquavit began to be shipped across the sea in barrels, which was found to enhance its taste. And this was the origin of what we now know as LINIE-aquavit – one of our most famous brands.

The company was first established as a state-owned enterprise on 1 January 1996. And it was originally created as part of Norway’s adoption of the European Economic Area (EEA) rules, which required the operations of the existing state monopoly, Vinmonopolet AS, to be divided.

Within Norway, sales to consumers remained the responsibility of Vinmonopolet while Arcus, as a newly established commercial enterprise, took over all activities relating to imports, production, distribution and exports.

Arcus consists of the three main business areas: wine, spirits and distribution.

The wholly owned distribution company Vectura is Norway’s leading logistics service provider for alcoholic drinks in Norway, and Arcus is its largest customer.

In modern facilities at Gjelleråsen, just outside Oslo, Arcus manages the development, production, storage and distribution of its wine and spirits.