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Think before you drink

"Think before you drink. Make great moments even better."

Arcus takes a clear position on responsible alcohol consumption.

Our aim is to raise awareness and understanding among all of Arcus’ stakeholders on our corporate approach to alcohol and our commitment to responsible alcohol consumption. This is the background to our "Think before you drink" campaign, launched in the autumn of 2015.

"Think before you drink" is both an internal awareness and an external awareness campaign, reaching all employees and all stakeholders who have a relationship with Arcus. The main message of the campaign – to think before you drink – is based on Arcus’ mission: We are passionate about creating great moments, therefore we only send the best Nordic spirits out into the world and bring only the world’s best wine to the Nordic market.

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Great moments

At Arcus, we are passionate about people enjoying great moments. We want to help our customers enjoy themselves – at home, in restaurants and in bars and clubs. We are proud of our products. We generate revenue and create good places to work, and we aim to preserve the Nordic culture. But we are also aware of the dark side of alcohol. We have to take into account both the good and the bad aspects. At Arcus, we are as committed as anyone to living in a safe and healthy society. Arcus is a leading Nordic wine and spirits company. We have always taken our CSR commitments seriously. We will continue to do so in the future.

Pride and responsibility

We are proud of our products. We are pleased that they bring pleasure to our customers and add to their enjoyment in a good social atmosphere. Arcus is an important partner of the Nordic alcohol monopolies. One fundamental demand they have of us is that we contribute to their initiatives to contribute to safety across the entire supplier chain. Regardless of the external requirements we are expected to meet, Arcus cannot and will not be indifferent to the consequences of alcohol abuse either for individuals or for society. We are therefore committed to the responsible and sensible consumption of alcohol.

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